Memberships and Licenses

Individual Memberships

Individual memberships cost $50 and last for 365 days.  These memberships are geared towards the avid fantasy or daily fantasy player.

Membership gives you access to in-season projections, including hitter and pitcher platoon projections and park-neutral projections, however, you will need to purchase a membership.  These projections update every night during the season.

Sign up for a full membership here!

To be clear, these are rest-of-season projections updated with the latest statistics.  These aren't projections for the upcoming day.  If you're interested in "today" projections based on Steamer rates, we'd stronger encourage you to purchase the Steamonator, Hittertron and Relievanator package from Razzball.


Team and Business Licenses

If your organization would like to purchase access to the Steamer API.  The basic Steamer feed costs $2,500/season and a feed that includes platoon projections for hitters and pitchers as well as park-neutral projections costs $5,000/season.  

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.


Free Access

If you'd like to download historical pre-season Steamer projections, you can do so for free!  This won't give you access to the latest rest-of-season projections.

Sign up for free access here!




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