Steamer Projections is a projection system for baseball player statistics. The system was created and is maintained and operated by Jared Cross, Dash Davidson, and Peter Rosenbloom. Dash and Peter are both sophomores in college and are former students of Jared – a high school science and statistics teacher. The three creators share a deep passion and interest for baseball and the statistics that are intrinsic to the game.

The project began in the Fall of 2008 at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn, New York. Saint Ann's offers its students an independent research program where they may embark on collaborative projects motivated by personal interest together with a teacher. The Steamer Projections system is the result of such a project.

What began as an explorative academic pursuit soon became a passionate and time-consuming endeavor as we quickly began to expand and improve our system – and increase the requisite amount of work – as our skill and knowledge of the intricate process of statistical projection improved.

Now we are in the midst of working on the fourth iteration of our system, which has released a full set of projections for MLB players for each of the past three seasons by the end of March. We are still constantly tinkering on and tweaking Steamer Projections in the hope of making it ever more accurate and efficient.

We hope you enjoy our system.


Warm regards,

Jared, Dash, and Peter.

February 2012