Sorry Matt Moore!

A bug in our algorithm resulted in overweighing 2010 walk rates. This hit Matt Moore particularly hard and his ERA drops all the way from 4.04 to 3.68 with the fix.

Special thanks to Mike for the catch!

A new download is here.

3 thoughts on “Sorry Matt Moore!”

  1. Thanks J Cross (and team) for all your work!

    Here’s who I have that is missing (doesn’t inc Asian imports):
    Ryan Vogelsong
    Addison Reed (b/c he’s a rookie?)
    Drew Pomeranz (b/c he’s a rookie?)
    Danny Hultzen (b/c he’s a rookie?)

    Here are typos:
    Should be Fautino De Los Santos (vs. Faustino)
    Leo Nunez -> Juan Carlos Oviedo
    Rubby De La Rosa has last name of De_La_Rosa
    Juan Abreu in as Erick Abreu

    1. There is also a spelling error on Brandon Beachy (not Beachey). Among Asian imports, you’ve already said you want to add Darvish. Baltimore has two Asian pitchers that are competing for starting jobs in Wei-Yen Chen and Tsoyoshi Wada. Likewise Hisashi Iwakuma with the Mariners.

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