Last Player Picked (updated)

Update: Thanks to Brian Jenner we now have .csv files for Last Player Picked tailored to the ESPN and Yahoo! position eligibility.

If you haven’t been there already, you should really check out Mays Copeland’s terrific website that creates fantasy baseball cheat sheets.

Steamer Projections for

Last Player Picked allows you to select from among several data sources or even upload your own projections. You can select your league’s categories or enter your league’s point system. On our downloads page you will now find .csv files that can be uploaded to Last Player Picked to create a Steamer-based cheat sheet specific to your league scoring system.

Let me know if you need more categories or find any bugs.

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  1. Brian

    Steamer Projections + LPP = Formula for success

    To be honest I’m kinda upset these projections are becoming so well known, ie: used on LPP and FanGraphs. My secret from the past couple years has been let out.

  2. Justin

    I really love the LPP and steamer teaming up. Is there a way to add QS, BSV, CG, PG, NH and HBP for pitchers in a head to head pts league?

    1. J. Cross (Post author)

      Thanks. We can add in QS and HBP in the next iteration but we don’t project those other categories. Trying to project no hitters and perfect games could be fun though and might be worth a try.

  3. Joel

    Great projections, although I’ve been wondering why LPP is valuing 1b replacement value at $14 and 3b replacement value at $4 when I upload the projections. Does it have to do with all the trailing players with 0 projected AB?

  4. Brian

    The reason is because the positions are entered based on their primary position in the upcoming season. Without including every position that the players are eligible at, it screws up the position scarcity calculation, for lack of a better term. To get better results you need to change the position column to reflect whatever service you’re using. I will quickly go and add in the current position eligibility for Yahoo and ESPN. I’ll upload two CSV files, one for Yahoo and one for ESPN. I don’t know if Jared wants to host the files as well because it could get a bit crowded in the download section with separate files for Yahoo and ESPN. I can do the pitching files too if there’s interest.

    1. J. Cross (Post author)

      I’d be happy to host them. Just send them over in an email and I’ll put them up. Good stuff!

    2. Brian

      Updated positions to reflect eligibility:

      Hitters for Yahoo:
      Hitters for ESPN:

      Note: Due to the huge amount of players that Steamer projects, not all of them were given their actual Yahoo or ESPN positions. The top 300 or so hitters for ESPN and top 500 for Yahoo have been updated. Non-updated positions have reverted to the default Steamer position. On LastPlayerPicked, using the Yahoo settings option and the Yahoo-specific .csv file yields much better results. Catcher retains a large positional boost, SS gets a very slight boost, while all other positions are weighted equally, which is the way it should be. I imagine the same improvements will be exhibited with the ESPN-specific .csv file.

      1. J. Cross (Post author)

        Excellent! I added them to the downloads page.

  5. Jim

    Thanks for all the excellent work! I was trying to use hitter’s strikeouts as a category on LPP and keep getting $0 results. I changed the column header from K to SO and KO and have gotten no results. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim

    1. jim

      Never mind. I was using an older version of Excel and it seemed to mess things up a bit. j

  6. Levi

    what happened to i miss it.

  7. Kyle

    What has happened to the site now? It seems to be offline?

  8. wynams
  9. Ken

    Gentlemen, We have had our fantasy team for 16 years. We have used “hlds” for a number of years. One of the members is asking about “quality starts” as a catogoty this year. Each of these catagories does not appear ones that you calculate auction values for. We currently use ERA, WHIP, 2W-L, K/9, S, and Holds for pitching and AVE, OPS, R, RBI, Net SB, HR. We now have an 8 team league, NL only. Any ideas to better judge actual (fantasy) values? Some are talking about changing 2W-L to quality starts and R and RBI to RP. Any thoughts? Also is there any way to get our new possible and Holds integrated into the auction values? Thanks in advance.


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