A Tale of Two Conference Championship Games: Divergent Paths to the Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will play this Sunday for sport’s ultimate prize: the Super Bowl. Both teams, however, took dramatically different paths to the big game, with the two conference championship games having played out in very different competitive environments. The below visualization shows a graphical representation of the two conference championship games. The two line graphs represent the in-game win probabilities of the Seahawks and the Patriots, with the X-axis representing time left in their respective games. Click on the play buttons within the line graphs to watch highlights of the the plays that swung the win probabilities the most.

Best Fantasy Football Factories

Every fall, as the weather turns and you head back to school and the dreary days of autumn, there is always one thing to get excited about: football season. I am a huge fan of both the NFL and NCAAF. I love watching college football on Saturdays and following my fantasy team on Sundays, it is practically a weekly routine.

Earlier this fall, I got to thinking during a commercial break on one of those weekends, about the intersection between my autumn Saturdays and Sundays, between NCAAF and fantasy football in the NFL. Immediately, several questions sprang into my mind: Where did all these players who I become obsessed with when I draft them to my fantasy team go to college? Are they the same college teams and conferences that I like? That I hate? Are the colleges that have produced the best fantasy football players also the best college teams? Are there patterns of which conferences are best at cultivating fantasy football talent?

I set about investigating these questions, ultimately creating an interactive visualization showing the intersection between college football and fantasy football – answering the question “What is the Best Fantasy Factory?”