Adjusting Regression Means

Strikeouts are up, walks are down and we’d changed by not changing at all.

As Tango recently pointed out, Steamer was looking a a little pessimistic this year. Really, we were just a little behind the times. The good thing about basing our regression levels on pitch data is that if pitchers start throwing harder (and they have), Steamer adjusts accordingly. The bad news is that if they throw harder AND they strikeout even more batters than would be expected by this increase (they’ve done this too) we have a somewhat more complicated adjustment to make.


Our projections now attempt to take into account the league wide changes in strikeout and walk rates. The big thing you’ll notice is that ERA projections are down a bit (credit richter). We’ve also added an adjustment based on the research done by Bill Petti and Jeff Zimmerman who found, among other things, that relievers’ strikeout rates drop off more steeply with age than starters’ strikeout rates do.

8 days till baseball… one major update to come.

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  1. Geoff Buchan

    The Downloads page shows a last update from March 17. So I guess the next update will have this adjustment, right?


    1. J. Cross (Post author)

      Actually, I updated the files and just forgot to change the date! Thanks for the note, the linked file has the updated regression means.

  2. Bill

    will the updated rankings be available this weekend?

    1. J. Cross (Post author)

      They’re available now!

  3. Mike

    Is the date for the last major update already known?

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