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The Steamer Guide to Fantasy Draft Prep

Warning: What follows is a ridiculously Steamer-centric guide to your fantasy baseball preparation this year. (more…)

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Yu Darvish and Updated Projections

We’ve updated our playing time projections and posted new sheets. The new downloads include a number of players who were missing from our initial forecasts including Yu Darvish. (more…)

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Projecting Playing Time

As we get ready to revisit Steamer’s 2012 playing time projections, I thought I should take a look at which systems had the most success projecting playing time last year. Many thanks to Rudy Gamble of Razzball and Mike Spiher … Continue reading

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Last Player Picked (updated)

Update: Thanks to Brian Jenner we now have .csv files for Last Player Picked tailored to the ESPN and Yahoo! position eligibility. (more…)

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Nate Silver’s Confidence

Update: Here’s Nate Silver’s thoughtful analysis of accuracy of his projections from last week. Nate also points out that the errors aren’t necessary normally or even symmetrically distributed as I assumed in the analysis below. On his fivethirtyeight blog, Nate … Continue reading

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