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Stretching Out Chris Sale

Right now, we’re hedging our bets on Chris Sale, projecting that 29% of his innings come in relief. We have him throwing 129 IP with a 3.60 ERA, 9 wins and 15 holds. In this role he generates an impressive … Continue reading

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2012 Steamer Hitter Projections

Update: Version 3.0 of the pitcher projections is out. We adjusted Steamer to account for the lower run environment over the last couple of years. The 2012 Steamer Hitter Projections are now available for download. We’ve also uploaded version 2.0 … Continue reading

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Sorry Matt Moore!

A bug in our algorithm resulted in overweighing 2010 walk rates. This hit Matt Moore particularly hard and his ERA drops all the way from 4.04 to 3.68 with the fix. Special thanks to Mike for the catch! A new … Continue reading

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Steamer Pitchers 2012 v 1.0

The initial run of the 2012 Steamer Pitcher Projections is now available for download. We’ll update our playing time projections more than once in the coming weeks and update our projections based on trades and signings. We’ll announce new downloads … Continue reading

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Full Steam Ahead

Matt Swartz recently tested the 2011 player projections. Steamer held its own among the batter forecasters, landing in the middle of a tightly clustered pack with the other sabermetric systems. Steamer differentiated itself with its pitcher projections, however, which stood … Continue reading

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